Allison Tartan Tie

This name is often taken as coming from "Son of Alice". It seems likely that it is from "Son of Ellis". In a few cases where we have the same name differently spelt in old records, it is a form of Allanson. A historian of the family believes that the Alisons, or Allisons, are offshoots of the Clan MacAlister, the division having come during the Wars of Independence, but this is by no means proved. The name is common in the fifteenth century throughout the Lowlands of Scotland. As a woman's name it appears in Scotland about 1400, but it was known in England somewhat earlier. (The name of Chaucer's Wife of Bath was Alysoun).

Allison Tartan Tie

Excellent Quality Men's Allison Tartan Tie.

• Made in Scotland

• 100% Pure Wool

• Overview of Heritage Clan Included

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• Over 30% Off RRP

This Allison Tartan Tie is 137cm with a blade of 8cm

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