White Ties
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White Ties and White Silk Ties For Men

White is complete it is every colour. It is the colour of purity innocence and perfection.

White is the colour of clean slates and new beginnings. Perhaps you are starting a new position at work, a new job or just happen to begin a new chapter in your life. White represents and opening to creation and a fresh start. White contains every colour of the spectrum and their qualities. Thus, represents fair balance, equality and independence. The workplace is a melting pot of wonderful and diverse ideas but you can absorb and manage them all impartially.

White is purity. A colour used wedding dresses and doctor’s coats, many cultures use this to dissuade impurity. You keep your thoughts pure and aren't affected by the negativity of the world around you.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


You don’t let the opinions and judgment of others to dissuade you from you goals. Despite outer influences, you manage to keep your childlike innocence and curiosity. You peruse experience new experiences and seek new experiences. When exploring ideas many people’s ideas become muddied through experience. You can experience every new problem with a fresh perspective which makes you invaluable at work.


We have all seen the image of the “White Knight” from fairy tales, the rescuer who saves the damsel in distress. Because of this White represents comfort. It brings feelings of encouragement in hope. Using this colour to highlight these qualities can be invaluable when dealing with colleges.

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Ivory Silk Tie

Ivory Silk Tie

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