Orange Ties
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Orange Ties and Orange Silk Ties for Men.

Orange is a colour that radiates happiness and warmth. This tie is the best option for the cheerful and extroverted. The office can be a stressful environment at the best of times. Adding this colour to your wardrobe can counteract the dull and sterile environments. Bringing colour and vitality and brightening the gloomiest work days.

Your cheerful exterior makes you an asset when it comes with dealing with clients. Your joyful energy puts everyone at ease and makes every interaction enjoyable. Orange has an invigorating effect on the senses, this colour stimulates mental activity. For this reason the culinary industry uses Orange to stimulate the mind and the appetite.

Orange is flamboyant, it showcases your eccentric personality. You are willing to take risks with your wardrobe with more uncommon vibrant colours to improve your image. It’s the colour of the tropics and beings a hint of the exotic into what you are wearing.

Here at Oliver Bainbridge, we want you to pick the perfect shade to suit your needs. So you may want to experiment with the following colours and find your perfect shade of Orange. Lighter shades such as Peach have a softer effect inspiring good communication. Try bright and vibrant shades. Golden Orange and Amber inspire great confidence and ability as well as healthy vitality. Darker shades communicate ambition, pride and opportunity.

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