Black Ties
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Black Ties and Black Silk Ties for Men.

The Black tie is the ultimate accessory in a man’s arsenal. Its stylish appeal and timeless longevity have made it the keystone in every man’s wardrobe. Its popularity has lasted decades and will continue long after you and I have gone. Wearable in any formal and casual event. A favourite by businessman, movie stars and Mafioso.

Victorian era English aristocrats first wore Black ties. Ever since they have been an essential in style culture ever since. With every passing decade its magnetic charm only intensifies.

The Black tie is suitable for any man of any position. If you are an executive or an older gentleman and want to try something new. The black tie will improve your presence tenfold whilst giving you an air respectability and quiet dignity. This will give you the classic gentleman image reserved for film stars. Or you might be young and new to style.

A Black tie is the safest bet and will go with any shirt and suit combination. Just don’t be surprised when heads start turning. The simple Black tie/White shirt combination, has an unrivalled sense of elegance in men’s fashion. With the stark contrast and lack of patter, when all the elements combine, a man looks at his most debonair.


Remember this gentleman. What a black dress is to a woman, a black tie is to a man. Timeless, elegant and guaranteed to make you ooze charisma.

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