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Scarves From Oliver Bainbridge


We currently have over 180 different regimental and military ties in stock covering army ties, navy ties and RAF ties. Our selection is wide but there may be raf ties we don't currently have available on our website, if you can't find what you are looking for please call us on 0191 377 2722.


The necktie dates back to the thirty year's war in 1648. They were first worn by Croatian mercenaries fighting for France. Ever since, the tie has been uniquely associated with military service. When the British army moved from brightly coloured uniforms to more subdued and drab fatigues, they were able to retain their regimental colours in their ties.

Our Regimental Ties follow this long and storied tradition; they are built with care and quality, and call to mind the finest traditions of membership, duty, and service.

If you are a member of the armed forces or have served Queen and Country in the past and want to carry on the fine tradition of sporting your companies colours or emblem, a Regimental tie is perfect for a range of occasions.


From the Officers Mess to an evening event, these ties are not only visually appealing, but hold a story which you may be asked to tell time and again.


There are some interesting rules regarding the wearing of ties in the military. As an Officer, there are certain streams of etiquette to follow. If certain dress is not adhered to, or members are loud and coarse, they are more likely to be thrown out of the mess or forced to purchase a bottle of Port!

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