Grey Ties
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Grey Ties and Silk Grey Ties For Men.

Grey has an unfair reputation of being dull, depressing and void of expression, and it couldn't be further from the truth. Grey is the colour of precious metals, arctic wild-life and the English sky. It is neutral, reserved, dignified. Grey is the colour of truth.

Grey is the colour of compromise. You may me the mediator of the team, since grey is a neutral colour you have an unbiased perspective and can judge situations fairly. It also has a stabilizing effect. When the more erratic and volatile members are in a conflict, you can settle the matter diplomatically.

Grey is the colour of old age. It carries connotations of experience, even if you aren't seen as the elder of the group. A grey tie can communicate your experience and make you appear as a source of valuable first hand wisdom.

Grey has similar versatile properties as White and Cream. They are neutral colours they can be combined with almost any other colour. Grey is also solid and timeless, it has been a cornerstone colour for decades. Grey has had a resurgence with Charcoal suits. You have a variety of choices with grey, from lighter shades: French Grey and light grey. To darker pastels Charcoal. If you want to substitute Grey’s neutral qualities for something a bit more striking try shades like platinum. 

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6 Results over 1 page

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