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Pink Ties and Pink Silk Ties for Men.

Pink is the colour of Feminine energy. Compassion, nurture and unconditional love. It is the prominent colour for kind giving personalities. 


Compassion and empathy are essential in the modern workplace. You need to establish a caring attitude between teammates can improve relations and productivity. By wearing a Pink tie you will appeal to those nurturing qualities. Giving that impression of understanding to your colleges and clients the same way you would to your friends and family. 


Pink is best known for being the colour of romantic love and affection. There are many benefits to integrating this to your image. The workplace can be a cold and distant environment. This tie communicates improving personal connection between co-workers and clients. Pink is the most soothing of all colour. Studies show that it has a significant calming effect on the senses. It is the most effective colour for alleviating feelings of anger and hostility. A pink tie makes it a useful addition if you are in a conflict management sort of role and have to settle disagreements.



If you are a man who has a strong and domineering image, then pink may be the missing link for your wardrobe. You can have the most powerful dominating image. But if you are unable to show empathy and compassion this has have a detrimental effect on your image. Add a pink tie every once in a while to make you appear more well-rounded and likeable.

We recommend experimenting with different shades of pink to best suit your needs. If you want a shade that is gentle and empathetic while still having the soothing effect, regular and lighter shades will do the job. Shades like Fuchsia and Magenta are vibrant and intense. These colours still have the element of warmth and understanding but a more assertive and confident.

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Fuchsia Silk Tie

Fuchsia Silk Tie

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