Green Ties
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Green Ties and Green Silk Ties For Men.

Green ties represents wealth. Value, success and opportunities are all plentiful. You fill your world with challenge and opportunity. You live a life where success is just around the corner. You don't covet money or status like others do, because you know that everything is within reach. Green has a pleasing effect on the senses. It is the lush colour of nature and reminds us of dense forests. Green has such a potent impact on the senses that it is common interior design. Green is the colour of health and well-being. Hospitals that paint their wards Green notice its nurturing effect and can aid the recovery of weary patients.

Green improves creativity, it is a favorite of artists in studios and offices. The right shade of Green can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind. Stimulating tired minds and unleashing the mind's endless imagination potential. Green is the colour of fertility and growth and relates to material wealth. You are invaluable to your workforce. You cultivate wealth and prospects with ease and are always contributing to your company. Green is unfairly associated with envy and jealousy, this couldn't be further from the truth. Generosity the opportunities, your wealth has a positive effect on those around you. Green is generous and loves to share wealth to improve the life of others.

Green is a versatile colour. Try lighter shades such as Pale and Lime. These represent playfulness, youthful energy and viewing everything from a new perspective. Whereas experimenting with darker shades emphasize: wealth, creativity and health. If you would like to showcase your wealth and generous spirit try shades like Jade.

A Green tie is an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. You will project success and value, whilst appearing as a supportive role among your colleges. 

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