Bow Ties
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Bow Ties From Oliver Bainbridge.


Our self-tie bow ties selection is growing as more men (and their ladies) are looking for that authentic look. Replicate the fashion of the great bow tie lovers of our age, including Winston Churchill and most recently, Matt Smith, the eleventh Dr Who, who has created a huge demand for this incredible accessory.


 The business suit exploded in popularity through the 1950s and 1960s beyond traditional designs to more fluid options and variations. One item used as formal wear that has remained constant in form is the bow tie. Though bow ties did not see the generational surge in popularity that business casual dress enjoyed, a recent influx of very public endorsements has bow ties back in the fashion pages.


Many musicians, artists and politicians have been seen sporting bow ties in recent years, and celebrity athletes have joined the fold. The preppy college look has hit the high street with a bang, bringing these fabulous neckties back into fashion. The range of celebrities including pop and rap stars flaunting these garments has increased and set trends for men (and women) across the globe, in fact take a trip to the trendiest haunts in your local town or city and you may come across a few bow ties. It is the accessory that adds quirkiness to daywear and formality to eveningwear.


In the past the main reason many give for not wearing anything other than a traditional business-style tie, is familiarity with tying them. However, as the trend increases, learning to tie a bow tie properly will stand you in good stead.