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As you wear your wool tie, you are enjoying a product which has an incredibly long history. Wool has been used in clothing and other fabrics for over twelve thousand years. Today, wool is such a popular fabric, that everyone has woollen items in their wardrobes, alongside items of clothing which mix wool blends and other fabrics. Wool originates as the fleece covering a sheep, (or in the case of ultra soft cashmere or mohair, a goat and for Angora wool, a rabbit!). The breed of the sheep determines the texture of the fibre, so those sheep which have to endure harsh conditions by nature have a courser, heavier fleece, which results in rougher wool. By contrast, the Merino sheep, with its very fine hairs, produces soft, luxuriant wool which drapes beautifully.
Wool is an amazing natural material, one of the many positives is that it is slightly water resistant because of the lanolin it contains. So if you spill a small amount of drink on your wool tie you can easily brush it off.
A wool tie may be knitted or woven, and each has its own special characteristics. A knitted tie will have some elasticity and therefore give a more casual look and pair up beautifully with earthy colours and fabrics, think cord or tweed jackets etc. A woven wool tie has a really snappy look as the wool is finer than the knitted tie. This gives it a more formal look and therefore is more at home worn with a sharp looking suit, perfect for business wear or dressing for a smart occasion.
Wool ties are fast becoming one of the most popular kinds of ties on the market. While many people wear ties made of silk or other material, wool ties are excellent for making a fashion statement, and are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Wool ties are a great solution for the winter or colder months of the year, as they will go with other weather specific clothing. 



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Burgundy Wool Tie

Burgundy Wool Tie

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