Yellow Ties
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Yellow Ties and Yellow Silk Ties for Men.

Out of all colours Yellow has the most potent effects on the mind. It resonates with the logical side of the brain. Stimulating creative agility and increasing perception. Wearing Yellow allows you to concentrate and analyse situations with quick and clear thinking.

Yellow is the brightest colour in the spectrum. It has an illuminating and uplifting effect, demonstrating happiness and cheerfulness. The workplace can be a dull and demoralising place. Yellow’s whimsical charm can lift your colleges’ spirits and promote a happier work environment. Yellow is full of enthusiasm for work and life, it’s a colour that awakens an inner confidence and inspires optimism.


Yellow is creative and enjoys trying new ideas. Yellow favours exploring more practical ideas. You have an active imagination but put it to good use rather than senseless daydreaming.

Yellow shows your great communication skills. You have “the gift of the gab” and love to talk about ideas and concepts with everyone. Because of this, many in journalism often integrate yellow into their style.

Here at Oliver Bainbridge we want you to try different variants of these colours and fin the shade perfect for you. We recommend you try the following.

Lighter shades of yellow have an effect on the senses leaving the mind clear and energized. For this effect try shades like Light Yellow, Lemon and Citrus.

You may want to try darker richer shades such as Gold and Dark Yellow. These shades capitalize on Yellow’s curious nature and mental stimulation.

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