Blue Ties
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Blue Ties

Blue is the colour of style, from the blue suits in the 50’s to good ol’ fashioned jeans. Blue has been the essential colour for the fashion industry and is a keystone for any man’s wardrobe.

Blue has a calm effect on the senses, it rings with harmony, confidence and intellect. It gives a still, serene presence. You are calm, cool and collected. Blue is the essential colour for any man who wants to showcase his intelligence and wisdom in the workplace. You are an intellectual. Promoting strength  through strategy. You may not be the brains of the team but you have a valued wisdom as you share knowledge with those around you.

Blue is the epitome of versatility. Depending on what shade you choose it can transform you appearance bringing you closer to your desired look. If you wish to appeal to wisdom, softness and tranquility. Try lighter tones such as Aqua and Sky Blue and Turquoise. Darker tones represent knowledgeable, practicality and intelligence. We recommend Royal, Navy and Sapphire.

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